Caprese Frittata

This recipe was originally posted earlier this summer but since I made it last week I felt compelled to update the images. Enjoy! -Addie

Addie Ladner

caprese frittata

Sometimes I like to pretend I’m competing in my own version of the cooking reality show Chopped. Except the chef contestant is just one  inexperienced, unorganized, scatterbrained, clumsy, desperate housewife at the 11th hour trying to get dinner on the table. The judges?  A tired baby who would eat her own socks if she could, a beagle anxious to be a taste tester and a hungry but patient husband. Often times my favorite dishes are ones that were completely spontaneous and not planned, like  this one.

Today Chris brought home a dozen fresh eggs from our friends who have their own chickens. Then a neighbor dropped off a few roma tomatoes from the NC State Farmers Market today and I had a few sprigs of basil were going to wilt away soon. So voila-enter this Caprese frittata. It was as if all of these little ingredients were waiting to come together in my…

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